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based in
squamish + vancouver, bc
london, uk

we love family-style meals, an abundance of candlelight, personalized stationery, Unique or unexpected colour combinations, rustic harvest tables, modern ghost chairs, shot-skis on the dancefloor, Styled photo-op vignettes, statement backdrops, couples who aren't afraid to do what they want for their big day and couples who keep it real.





most call her minnie (but she's mighty), jane of all trades, design junkie, whip cracker, straight chair obsessor, yogi, momma to g-man
it's margot (with a T) not margo, celebrator of love, diy geek, know-it-all (but she really does), lover of the sound of zap straps, addicted world-wanderer
little miss detail, yes to any situation that involves lists, needs coffee,  keener, top knotter
nearly a foot taller than the rest of us, he is our "venti pearl" LOL, beer keg tapper, sarcasm activist, getter doner 
interior stylist, adventure seeker, makes-anything-look-amazing type person, dog mum to insta-famous stella



we can be fancy, we can be laid back, we can be a lot of things. we find it very difficult to describe ourselves as any specific style because each of our events completely reflects our clients - their style, their personalities, their vision. our planning process is modified for every couple depending on their preferred level of involvement, their planning timeline + their personalities. but one thing that is consistent and that we hear over and over is that we are known for details, for our laid-back yet precise planning style, our strong relationships with our vendors and our ability to bring out the best in our clients to create unforgettable celebrations. we listen, we learn, we research, we trust, we create, we hustle + have a helluva lotta fun.




we are always asked what our job entails. our team motto #webeclassy describes it best. we coined this phrase to sarcastically describe the level of savage we hit at the 16th hour on event days. we promise we truly are well put together individuals... until we've been onsite since the crack of dawn, living on coffee and a crumb, resorting to top knots, lugging around furniture, beading sweat, wearing zap straps as part of our attire, answering a zillion questions and hanging from the rafters at some point racing against time to ensure everything is absolutely perfect. don't even get us started on what we look like at 4am after tear down. yes, a big part of the job is meetings, spreadsheets, planning, emails x a million and all the paperwork but the other half of our life is spent onsite evenings and weekends bringing it all together. we are 150% hands-on because nothing is more important to us than you having the best day of your life.



"....the commitment and hard work Jessica puts toward her business and client relationships is so inspiring that it actually led me to re-evaluate my own job...everyone should be so lucky to be as in love with their career and it truly shows in everything she does. I could not be more thankful to have worked with Petite Pearl and recommend using Jessica and team with my highest praise...."


"....Petite Pearl Events is an outstanding company that shows expertise professionalism in all that they do. Alex and I were lucky enough to work first hand with Margot. Her responses to all messages were incredibly prompt from the start of contact...She was personable, cared about creating a friendship and strong bond, and most importantly loyal to us in ways that will be remembered forever. We loved working with Margot and I cannot express enough how wonderful of a person she is...."


"....Hiring Petite Pearl Events was like unlocking a door to a whole new world of wedding possibilities that we had no idea were possible! We always knew that Jessica and her team would make our extravagant vision come to life (and did they ever!!!). But what we didn't realize is how much support, both technical and emotional, Jessica would provide throughout the entire process. She was our comrade in building inspiration and excitement, and our saviour in times of confusion...."


"....I know everyone warns you that "something will go wrong" on your wedding day, but I honestly can't think of even one thing that wasn't flawless, and it was mostly thanks to Jessica and Margot's attention to detail and true passion for putting on amazing events. Beyond our own rave reviews, everyone in the local industry has the utmost respect for Jessica, and I think that speaks volumes for the calibre of business she’s built...."


"....Margot handled my input, ideas, questions and above all feedback like the amazing professional that she is. She provided her genuine feedback every step of the way and made me feel confident (not to mention calm) throughout the entire journey. We had engaged in the Complete Planning w/ Design & Decor package with Petite Pearl and it was well worth the money. If I had to do it over, I would make the same decision in a heart beat...."


"Jess, the wedding was perfect....me and Matt could not have done it without you (and if we had, we would likely have two stomach ulcers, one heart attack, one acute case of post-traumatic stress and 140 food poisoned guests between us). You rocked our socks off. And every single person was overwhelmed with how amazing it was, so I am counting on seeing you at our friends weddings as you execute on perfections! You are an angel masquerading as a planner." 


"Jessica and her team were exceptional in every way....We had a fairly unique and unconventional idea of what we wanted our wedding to look like; Jessica truly listened to our ideas, and offered helpful suggestions while still respecting our values and ultimate vision....Hiring Petite Pearl was probably the best decision (after the proposal, obviously) that we made in this entire wedding." 


"Margot made our wedding so beautiful, our guests felt like they were on a movie set. She was incredibly professional, patient, and very aware of our budget. I would recommend Petite Pearl to any engaged couple. It was by far the best money I spent on the wedding. Thank you so much to Margot and Petite Pearl!!!"


"I am obsessed with Petite Pearl! I can't tell you the number of people that came up to my husband and I to tell us how wonderful they were. I didn't have to think about a single thing on my wedding day, and that's the best gift I could have asked for. Nicola was so dang efficient and on the ball. She always thought about things before they even happened, and we just love her to death!"


"You will learn that most wedding vendors are very good at their art, but many are not very good at their business. [Petite Pearl] is the full package...I couldn't recommend Margot or Petite Pearl highly enough. They made the planning process a piece of cake, and our wedding day unbelievably special, and all the while she is a genuinely nice person that you look forward to interacting with. Can't beat that."


"Gordon and Jessica took the time to listen to all of our ideas and get a sense of our vision. They provided advice, answered all questions and helped us consider all of the details we would not have thought of on our own.  They repeatedly offered to go above and beyond if we needed anything. I never felt worried about how things would turn out as I knew we were in great hands. "


so, you want an unreal, one-of-a-kind wedding and you want to fully enjoy all of the celebrations with none of the stress?! you've come to the right place! the cherry on top is that you'll also have an A+ team of vendors to rely on and a budget that will be spent in all the right areas from the get go. your wedding is just as important to us as  it is to you, but it's YOURS. so while we want every aspect to reflect you, we also want to ensure it's done right. a wedding has a million moving parts which leaves a lot of room for error if not done properly. leave it to us to do the 250+ of tedious planning involved in orchestrating your vision. you can be as involved as you like but we don't blame you if you just want to do the fun stuff ;)



we're known for personalized details in our designs and we're damn proud of that! it takes a lot of blood, sweat, research, late night insomniac hours, attempted ideas, ripped up ideas, back to the drawing board to think up new ideas and budget management to bring to life a feasible design that feels like YOU and is within what you want to spend. we want your day to have your name written all over it, be something you never forget, and have people go "WHOA!!" as they walk into your reception. our award-winning team has designed every wedding and event you see on our website, we set it up, we strike it down, you and your friends/family do nothing but celebrate.



we've stopped calling our day-of coordination "day-of" because it's truly "month-of" and then some. we want you set up for success so we include one guidance meeting as well as vendor referrals. we know for a fact that a "takeover" wedding cannot be executed flawlessly without a minimum of 3-4 weeks involvement leading up to. we want a sufficient amount of time to learn about what you've planned and confidently take the final nitty gritty off your hands. we build your timeline and a final clean version of your floorplan, attend your rehearsal, manage vendors, act as your eyes and ears on the wedding day so that it comes together exactly as you envisioned and troubleshoot the inevitable hiccups (without you having to know).



nope, not just weddings around here! although weddings are our bread + butter for a good chunk of the year, the rest of our year is filled with ensuring company holiday parties, foundation fundraisers, baby showers, birthday parties and mitzvahs are also the talk of the town. from intimate gatherings to hundreds of guests, we've done it all... but we don't do boring! we'll encourage unique ideas, special extras, and a personalized experience so your event stands out from the next. we want to help you show your guests/employees/supporters/friends/family + all those in attendance how much you appreciate them. if you've got the planning under control + just want us to dress up the party all pretty, we definitely do that too.





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